Welkom to Utrecht Zouk!

These are the people behind Utrecht Zouk. Their mission? To create a collaborative environment where all local teachers and organisers work together to run a vibrant and harmonious Zouk scene. They provide classes, relaxed socials, and parties; as well as workshops, bootcamps by (inter)national teachers, and other activities.

Lisa Denise van der Plaats wearing a Zouk baseball cap

Lisa Denise van der Plaats

An international dancer, lead & follow, with a versatile background in Jazz, Ballet, Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and West Coast Swing before falling in love with Zouk. Being the driving force behind Utrecht Zouk, she uses her boundless energy teaching regular classes, privates, and at congresses around the world.

Marcos Hudson Alves Soares

Marcos Hudson Alves Soares

Having danced & trained around the world in Samba de Gafiera (Funkeado), Urban Kizomba, Forró, and many Zouk styles, his repertoire & understanding of the lead/follow interaction gives him his own unique flow. He teaches workshops internationally, and this year made his debut teaching our regular classes.

Tim & Sascha dancing Zouk

Tim & Sascha

From the moment they met they started exploring their love for partner dance. From Dancing, to performing, and teaching various dance styles such as: Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and Zouk. Having started a Zouk scene in Edmonton and helped foster Zouk in West Canada at large, they know what it takes to build a community. All that experience is brought to nurture Utrecht Zouk, and their infectious energy helps provide a great space for learning during classes or one of their workshops in Holland or abroad.

Artül & Kraken dancing Zouk

Artül & Kraken

As Co-Founders of Zouk Elements, organizers of ZoukLand Festival, and international Zouk Lambada & FlowBody performers and teachers. They travel the world, to share their passion about how dance, music, and the elements can help people achieve a deeper connection with themselves. Having moved to the Netherlands they have joined up with Utrecht Zouk to teach their FlowBody style Zouk, and use their experience to help build our community.