The information on this page will not be updated until we can go back to our regular classes. Feel free to contact us with any further questions at Stay safe and we hope to have more information soon!

The Utrecht Zouk Team
Lisa Denise van der Plaats

NewYears Bootcamp Zouk Fundamentals

Friday January 17th 19.00-22.00h

We kickoff 2020 with a Zouk Fundamentals bootcamp! In this bootcamp we will touch upon the fundamentals of Zouk, the very foundation of this beautiful dance. Zouk is not just a set of patterns, but rather a complex language of which we need much more then just vocabulary. In this bootcamp we will focus on the grammar (techniques) that allow us to be so versatile with the fundamental footwork patterns. Highly recommended for Zoukers of every level!

This bootcamp is intended for:

  • Fresh new Zoukers with some dancing experience who want to start dancing Zouk
  • Zoukers who want to freshen up their basics
  • Intermediate/Advanced followers who want to learn how to lead
  • Intermediate/Advanced leaders who want to learn how to follow

Bootcamp prices:

In advance
Cash at the door

Registration through our registration form.

✓ bootcamp registration form

Zouk Workshops on Friday the 24th

Key movement concepts focus on how to let your movement flow through your body while dancing and keeping your connection. Find what type of movement fits your body and how you can apply this in your Zouk dancing.

✓ workshop registration form

Regular Classes: January 31st [10 lessons]

at Theaterhuis de Berenkuil:

  • 19:00 Intensive Zouk Training (Invitation only)
  • 20:00 Zouk Fundamentals: Reverse Roles
  • 21:00 Zouk Intermediate / Advanced (Themes change each season)
  • 22:00-22:45 Free Practise Time / Social Dancing (except 2nd Friday of the month)

Contact us about joining the Intensive Training, or register for Friday classes through our registration form.

Regular prices:

1 course
2 courses
3 courses

It is possible to be elligable for discount pricing; our only condition is for you to have paid before Friday January 24th.

Discount prices:

1 course
2 courses
3 courses

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Not able to join a complete course? It is possible to buy a ticket strip (strippenkaart) for 4 classes which can be used at any time. A strippenkaart costs €50,-.

Strippenkaart info:

Please note that our Intensive Zouk Training is excluded. Fill in the registration form which class (Zouk Fundamentals; Reverse Roles or Zouk Intermediate/Advanced) you intend to join with your strippenkaart and transfer the total amount to our bank account.

Give us a weekly update:

Let us know when you plan to join a class! We do our best to keep track of leader/follower ratio’s. Because of this, we prefer to know you’re planning to join but might cancel last minute, then the other way around.

✓ registration form

Teachers: Lisa & Marcos