Online Classes

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Just because we cannot meet in a studio, does not mean we cannot continue learning & dancing! Starting Wednesday 3rd of June, I will be teaching weekly classes covering solo topics in blocks of 4 weeks. In June we will start with Module 1, in July and August we will organise Module 2, and Module 3 of these courses. The modules can be followed separately from each other, as each module will cover its own topics within the focus of the course.

There will be two courses, one focusing on footwork technique, and the other focusing on upper body technique. We’ll start with foundations, as building a strong fundamental understanding of the movements is necessary to grow! No matter what your current level in Brazilian Zouk is, these classes will help you develop in Zouk and in dancing in general.

Schedule Courses

  • 19:00-20:00 Zouk Footwork Training Module 2 out of 3
  • 20:15-21:30 Zouk Upper Body Training Module 2 out of 3

Class dates Module 2:

  • Wednesday July 1st
  • Wednesday July 8th
  • Wednesday July 15th
  • Wednesday July 22nd

Module 3: 5th of August - 26nd of August (Registration not open yet)


The classes will be taught live via Zoom. For each course we will create a WhatsApp group where the access links to the live classes will be shared each week.

Zouk Footwork Training

This course will include short lower body workouts to get stronger and gain more power from the floor, explanations of footwork techniques, footwork drills and we’ll practice this with a short choreography that you’ll learn over the 4 weeks just to practice the movements. Nothing too fancy! The focus is on the technique, not the choreo.

Module 2 out of 3: will focus on balance, and on turning patterns in Brazilian Zouk such as travelling turns and boomerang/bonus patterns.

Please note!

Although this course is designed to work on the very basics, this course is not designed for students with no experience in Brazilian Zouk at all because of the level of detail and expected knowledge of the patterns. If you’re new to Brazilian Zouk, feel free to contact me (Lisa) to discuss your level in Zouk and these classes!

Zouk Upper Body Training

This course will include practices to enhance flexibility and strength of your upper body, technique explanation, technique training and we will practice the movements with a short choreography that you will learn over the 4 weeks of the course. Also in this class: the focus is on the technique, not the choreo.

Module 2 out of 3: will focus on circular upper body movements (Balao, Roasted Chicken, Tilted Turns) and the transitions between these three.

Please note!

For this course we expect you to have a foundation in Brazilian Zouk footwork including but not limited to: Basic step, lateral, soltinho, left turn/simple turn, travelling turn/free spin, boomerang/bonus and soltinho circulair. This footwork is included in the choreography and we do not have time to explain the footwork in detail unless it is related to the upper body movements of this class.


1 course
2 courses

Registration & Payment

  1. Register for one or both courses, please fill out the form
  2. To pay for the course(s), please transfer the amount for the course(s) to NL32 KNAB 0257 4592 51 t.n.v. Lisa Denise van der Plaats or via PayPal.
  3. After we received your registration form & payment, you will be added to one or both WhatsApp groups for these courses. This will be the confirmation of your payment!

Our recommendations for the best online class experience:

  1. Try to find a space where you have about 3-4 meter depth away from your camera. This way we can see a full body view of you to watch for feedback 😊
  2. Extra light behind your camera (from your perspective, not ours) will create a better view on you.
  3. It is possible to connect your phone’s camera to a big screen with a MHL-cable or IRIUN app. This way you can have a better view of yourself on the teacher and the group.
  4. Please mute yourself during music and explanation of the teacher, in order to keep the best sound quality possible.
  5. Make sure you are undisturbed and can move freely.
  6. Internet & screen connection will improve performance by using cables instead of WiFi or other wireless connections.